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If you can use Word or Excel you will be able to use StatsManager. Video analysis software has a well deserved reputation for being hard to use. StatsManager removes this by simplifying the whole user experience while still delivering a powerful analysis solution. More importantly, if you only use StatsManager once per week or every other week, you will not have to constantly relearn a complex set of skills just to become productive.
StatsManager was built from the ground up to support any sport and any action within a sport. You decide what means the most to you. The software is completely configurable so you get your game, your way. StatsManager also comes with example templates for major sports.
Once you have tagged your game, StatsManager will automatically generate statistics for you for each player or team activity. Your definitions are used and with the built in chart wizard, you can show the results to your players or coaching team in an easy to understand and intuitive manner.
All the key tasks in StatsManager are accessed through step-by-step wizards. Wizards help to eliminate errors and provide clear guidance on how to complete a specific task.
StatsManager has a companion app called iStatsManager that runs on a mobile device (available for free from the Apple app store). This means you can use live tagging during the game then import the results to your laptop for later analysis. Multiple iOS devices apps can tag at once (e.g. player tags vs team tags) and these can all be added to the same video once imported to StatsManager.
StatsManager can export directly to your Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox shared folders. This means getting your video clips to your team is a breeze. You can even use the built-in email support to let all your team members know there is a new video from within StatsManager itself.
StatsManager does not care where you get your video from. You don't need to run a lengthy convert to get it to play either. StatsManager 'just works' on all the popular video formats and a ridiculously large number of unpopular ones too. Wherever you get the video from, StatsManager will be able to play it.
Once you have tagged your video, StatsManger makes it easy to get your clips exported so that your players can see them. You can export all the clips by player or choose just a few as examples. It's always in your control.
Exporting team specific clips for team related activities like "goals" or "corners". StatsManager can also export specific sets of events for all players rather than just for a specific player. Whatever way you want to see your video, StatsManager will deliver.
StatsManager installs default templates for common sports like football, rugby and hockey. You can have as many templates as you want and as many sports as you want. StatsManager can cover everything from Archery to Zumba.
E-mail team notifications or video clips directly from within StatsManager. StatsManager makes it easy to communicate with your team from any computer without the need to have your e-mail client installed.
Sometimes you need to process your video (e.g. join videos of game periods or remove the commentary). StatsManager comes with built in video tools for all the functions you are likely to need and makes them easy to do as well.
Use charts to present summary data to your players and coaches. Rather than just raw numbers, charts make it easy to do comparisons and visualise what you are trying to explain. Charts can also be saved or emailed too.
StatsManager has the ability to draw right on your video. This can be great to show players the space they could use the next time they encounter the same situation. You can add arrows, boxes and even save them to reuse.
Easily drill-down to see the video clips that are important for you. Sort by player, event, time, type of event or any criteria that make sense for you. This makes presentations to your team and coaches relevant and snappy.
Want to know how to get your video from your camera into StatsManager? This and many other topics are covered in the online video tutorials. Short video segments that show how to use StatsManager.
StatsManager doesn't really care which version of Windows you use. Equally happy on XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.
If you use a 2nd monitor or plug in a projector StatsManger will automatically offer you the option of using that device when you want to go full screen. No searching to find the right screen.
If your video arrives as multiple files (e.g. periods of a game) StatsManager can quickly and efficiently join the segments into one single video. Joining is lightning fast too and typically takes only a couple of minutes for an hour of video.
Sometimes you need to take the sound track off your video for sharing or to remove some comments that you do not want heard. StatsManager makes this easy and it only takes moments.
You can export all the clips for every player in your team with just one click. Set the export feature without having to go over the same steps for each player, again and again. Works for both player and team events.
StatsManager can play your video back in slow motion to allow you to see hard to follow occurrences (e.g. was the player offside?). Conversely you can also run the video back faster too.
Use the configurable hot-keys to skip forwards and backwards through the video when tagging or reviewing. This makes finding key moments in the game simple and stops your mouse working overtime.
Share your tags effectively with your coaching team or players. Tag files are usually tiny (less than 30kb) and easily emailed to other StatsManager users for instant import. Share your workload and your tagging activities between the team.
When tagging, StatsManager only shows the players names that are configured as selected. This means that you can keep your whole squad in the team list but not have your display confused if the player wasn't selected for that specific game.
An electronic copy of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and "How To" guides are installed with the software as standard. This means you can get instant help and support for common tasks without requiring internet access that may not exist at your sports venue.
A small sample tagged game is included with the full install package that can be used to learn how StatsManager works.