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Current Version : (March 2017)

Release History

Software Version :
Publication Date : 8th March 2017
1. Corrected a problem where in full screen mode the next / previous hot-keys were not active.

Software Version : (September 2016)
Publication Date : 20th September 2016
1. Changed the hot-key handling to prevent hotkeys still being active when dialogs or forms are being displayed.
2. Made “Draw on Video” window modal so that it always appears in front of the window that created it when in full screen mode. Otherwise appears as a tab in the list of windows.

Software Version : - (August 2016)
Publication Date : August 2016
1. Internal test releases only.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 28th May 2016
1. Updated the “Draw Video” panel to make it more obvious how it works.
2. Updated the “Draw Video” to actually draw the selected object as the mouse is held down (compared to waiting until the mouse is released). This means the shape is sized / positioned much more accuratley.
3. Added the ability to move a shape once drawn on the video.
4. Added the ability to delete an individual shape using the draw on video.
5. Added a series of tab icons to make it easier to differentiate between each of the tabbed windows in the display.
6. Added the “Coach Tag” to the dropdowns in the Timeline window for easier editing of game events.
7. Added the SQL compare tool to be able to tell if a DB is out of date or not.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 8th March 2016
1. Prevented the system going to sleep while a conversion or export is ongong.
2. Prevented the system going to sleep when a video is playing.
3. Made the “Check Video Formats” when joining an option as this can take a while to calculate when on large videos (e.g. on the same camera) that you already know are the same format.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 11th November 2015
1. Added the ability to convert more than one video at at time.
2. Optimised the converstion / export video process to be 50% faster than previously.
3. Added an option to allow a choice between faster exports or smaller videos.
4. Provided a workaround for a known prolbem in Windows 10 with password characters (in email settings).
5. Moved video controls panel in full screen mode to the top of the screen and resized the video display area accordingly.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 2nd October 2015
1. Added the ability to remove sound when joining videos. This is useful in itself but also corrects a problem joining videos with inconsistent .mpg format video files.
2. Added .mpg as a known video format in video selection dialogs.
3. Added a configuration setting on the General tab to persist the choice of whether to automatically remove sound from videos.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 27th July 2015
1. Removed tabs from buttons on video control panels to ensure that the Play/Pause button hotkey (space bar) always works.
2. Fixed small display issue with video folders on Windows XP.
3. Changed display of video control panels when not showing full screen to avoid overlapping actual screen.
4. Added option to only allow pre-defined players names to be used from the Timeline window.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 15th May 2015
1. Added the ability to optionally see player email addresses when viewing the team information wizard rather than forcing this display.
2. Fixed “last tag” resize probem on Tag Window.
3. Centered display of Team/Action names on Tag window for clarity.
4. Minor bug fixes.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 8th February 2015
1. Prevented accidental hiding of columns in “Timeline” and “Games” grids when dragging to rearrange “grouped by” column.
2. Minor bug fixes.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 19th December 2014
1. Added message panel when joining videos to inform user that the video files are being verified. When joining directly from a video camera (and if using very large files) this process can take up to a minute.
2. Minor clean-up of joined file name generation.
3. Update to database versioning to allow activation to work correctly.
4. Massively improved the performance of the video processing when “Original” size is used. This is now generates clips almost instantly.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 4th December 2014
1. Added individual clip display times for each action. This value is used when playing or exporting. If not entered, default is used. Useful for exporting different length events clip lengths (e.g. “defence outletting” versus “turnover”).
2. Tidied up “Edit Actions” and “Edit Players” wizards to make them simpler to operate.
3. Added an additional “Timeline” Task Helper wizard to make all the functions of the timeline window available without having to move through the tabs.
4. Allowed “double-click” to make a selection in the Task Helper wizards rather than having to select then click “Finish”.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 18th November 2014
1. Added “Getting Started” wizard on first run to give an overview and simply task choices.
2. Added a “Task Helper Wizard” to the main screen to make common tasks always available from the same place.
3. Added additional wizard for “Sending Clips via e-Mail”.
4. Added additional wizard to allow chart creation to be more finely controlled (i.e. exclude actions that don’t make sense for that chart).
5. Correct sending email error where export did not complete.
6. Added ability to use a different tags database where necessary.
7. Added maximise / minimise to log window so it can be out of the way when necessary.
8. Changed checked list to check on single click rather than select on the first click then check on the second click. This saves a lot of tedious clicking.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 5th November 2014
1. Added wizards for all the major tasks. These are step by step and help make the usage clearer. Wizards include “Create Game”, “Export Clips”, “Add Team”, “Add Sport”, “Join Videos”, “Import Tags” and others.
2. Made all the video displays larger by default by making the video controls a hideable panel rather than a fixed panel. On small screens this adds signficant screen space to the video size.
3. Re-arranged the Timeline layout to allow the tags list to be shrunk to a very small width but still visible for presentation purposes.
4. Added charting functionality to the Summary view so that player totals can be viewed and compared graphically.
5. Added “e-mail chart” and “save chart to file” to complement charts functionality.
6. Added chart by player (row) or tag type (column) to charting functionality.
7. Added an option in the Timeline view so that tags can only be changed to one of the pre-defined values already in the template (this maintains more consistency in the tags).
8. Added the display of group totals to the Timeline view so that it is easy to see at a glance how many clips each player has.
9. Main display now remembers the last game selected and highlights it when the software is opened.
10. Added wizards to allow the editing of either a player or event name within a set of game tags in case the player or event name were entered incorrectly. Available from the “Advanced” tab in the “Settings” dialog.
11. Added the ability in the Summary View charts display to sort the chart data alphabetically or show “as is” from the columns on the screen.
12. Added import/export team and sport directly from the “Teams” and “Sports” main screens.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 24th October 2014
1. Added a limit to the number of background processes that will help less powerful computers manage the export process.
2. Added checks on the format of the send email addresses and additional error messages if the emails are invalid.
3. Corrected a problem with the export of clips on systems that have an unusual folder structure.
4. Updated the tab titles in the timeline view so they are more informative.
5. When playing selected clips, automatically show the “Play Clips” tab in the Timeline view so that it is easy to change the clip display time.
6. Added the ability to import GameBreaker format tags so that games tagged on a GameBreaker system can be used directly by StatsManager.
7. Made the “Import Tags” screens easier to use by allowing grouping to make it easier to import some of the tags.
8. Changed the default “Export Tags” format to “.smcsv” from “.csv” to prevent Excel mistaking the .CSV file as an Excel spreadsheet.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 11th October 2014
Internal release version only.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 6th October 2014
9. Made hot keys configurable with new tab added to Settings.
10. Added additional hotkeys to allow moving backwards and forwards between the selected clips that are playing.
11. Added scrolling marquee to background tasks that is displayed when a task is active.
12. Made the “Stop Video” and “Stop e-Mail” buttons respond quicker when pressed to stop long running tasks that are no longer needed.
13. Added the ability to import tags and subtract the time offset (rather than always adding) in case the tag timer was started before the video record had started.
14. Added a “Delete Selected” button to the Sports and Teams dialogs so that it is more obvious how to remove teams.
15. Updated the Timeline view to cater for systems that are set to 125% zoom by default (common on small screen laptops).
16. Corrected the “mute” handling so if set, videos do not start and momentarily play a sound.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 28th September 2014
1. Added keyboard hotkeys to control any video replay ('Z'=+3seconds, 'X'-3s, 'A'=+30s, 'S'=-30s, 'Spacebar'=pause/play)
2. Added an “Undo Last Tag” button in the tagging window to allow errors to be deleted instantly.
3. Added a "To" picker in the email address fields to easily pick the players in a team.
4. Added a video output folder so you can export directly to a synced folder (e.g. DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc).
5. Added the ability to import and export teams.
6. Added the ability to import and export actions.
7. Added a video join folder so you can choose were joined videos are generated.
8. Made the videos folder configurable so that you can use a different location if desired.
9. Added e-Mail address field to Players in Teams so that emails can be send directly to them.
10. Added new "Tablet" quality mode to increase the choices available.
11. Modified "VGA" to "Computer" quality as "VGA" means nothing to non-computer people.
12. Added an option to keep your email settings when resetting to default settings.
13. Modified “Timeline” view so that when a “Coaches Tag” is added it is automatically selected.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 24th September 2014
1. Added the ability to send an email (with attachment) directly from Timeline.
2. Added the ability to email selected clips from the Timeline View.
3. Put a filter so that when any filenames are entered the software prevents invalid characters.
4. Added buttons to setup the mail server for Hotmail, BT, GMail and Yahoo.
5. Added a "background messages" panel so that background tasks can be monitored or stopped.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 12th September 2014
1. Made default export/convert type .mp4 for wider support of devices.
2. Improved closure of FFMpeg processes when stopped on exit.
3. Created updater for easier install of .EXE only updates.
4. Cleaned up URL's in install packages.
5. Corrected error in display of times being rounded up to the nearest hour.
6. Converted install packages to .MSI's as they are not frowned upon by Google/IE downloader.

Software Version :
Publication Date : Internal version only

Software Version :
Publication Date : 5th September 2014
1. Corrected problem with file names that have apostrophes in Video tools edit/convert/join.
2. Added .MTS files to types of windows in "Video Files" as they are produced by lots of cameras.
3. Re-organised the Timeline view to make the key buttons more obvious.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 21st August 2014
1. Made the Import tags window float above the timeline window so that you can move the video to work out the offset.
2. Allowed the import tags window to only import selected rows if desired.
3. Fixed a problem after playing a clip where the video jumped to the end.
4. Added the abilty to export Sports and Teams as CSV files for import to iStatsManager.
5. Added the ability to edit the tag time in the timeline view in case it was wrong when originally tagged.
6. Made the clip display time and "Play Selected" buttons a lot bigger so they are easier to hit.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 14th August 2014
1. Added the ability to import data files from iStatsManager (iOS companion app).
2. Changed time displays to show milliseconds.
3. Moved Import/Export tag buttons to Timeline view to make it easier to set any time offset from the tags.
4. Added a button to the Timeline view that allows duplicate tags to be removed.
5. Changed the database to allow Event time to be a floating point value (i.e. more accurate).
6. Changed the name of the GameEvents table identity to avoid usage of a database reserved word.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 29th July 2014
1. Added ability to instantly change the current team or sport tags being used in the tag window by selecting from a dropdown.
2. Added ability to draw on the current video screen using the "draw" button and save the resultant image.
3. Added a "coaches tag" to the Timeline view to allow additional tags to be created when reviewing.
4. Added the ability to remove the audio track from a video.
5. Added an "auto-detect" of multiple monitors and offer to put full screen video mode on the other monitor.
6. Added an option to maximize StatsManager on startup.
7. Added a "Full Screen" capability to the Tag, Summary, Timeline and Draw on Video windows.
8. Added "Go to 2nd Monitor" option for full screen capable windows.
9. Changed the layout of the "Tag" window to give more priority to the video display.
10. Increased the size and range of the replay speed options.
11. Fixed bug where resuming play after a clip has played only kept going for the "clip time".
12. Fixed bug where replay speed was not being passed to the full screen display.
13. Re-organised the layout of the video panel controls to increase the size of the media trackbar.
14. Added support for automatic propogation of team or sport name changes through the view games and players/actions tables.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 2nd June 2014
1. Enabled video scaling when full screen mode used so video does not get "stretched".
2. Added video controls panel to full screen mode (activated by single click) to allow control of the replay without having to exit full screen mode.
3. Added a “Compress Video” option that allows video files to be compressed to a smaller format and converted to .MP4.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 13th May 2014
1. Added an "export clip" option to export all the clips for a selected player as a single file.
2. Added a “FAQ” and “HowTo” guides to main toolbar.
3. Removed redundant “Capture” icon.
4. Prevented deletion of either Sport or Team if still being used in Game definitions.
5. Increased the dropdown sizes in the Timeline view to make it easier to edit tags when reviewing.
6. Added the ability to export all clips by Player or Event Name to make exporting a whole game a "one click" process.
7. Added additional quality options when exporting clips.
8. Added the creation of a “Clips” folder by game to avoid cluttering the main Videos folder.
9. Added a replay speed slider to allow “ultra slow” replay (range from 0.1x to 3x speed) for detailed analysis.
10. Added an option to write the Event information to exported video clips (PlayerName and Event Type).
11. Now highlights missing video files in red in the Games view.
12. Now saves grid layout changes in Games view and Timeline view.
13. Added a "Media Info" function to get media details. Very useful for problem solving.
14. Added a "Join Video..." function to join videos. Allows multi-segments to be made into a single game video as newer cameras create a separate file every time you press the “start” record.
15. Replaced "Video Export" internals with direct ffmpeg class as it is easier to control output and slightly faster.
16. Replaced "Video Join" functionality with direct ffmpeg class as it is significantly faster.
17. Made the diagnostic log run in its own thread so that it doesn’t get blocked when a main UI dialog is displayed. This is particularly useful when many dialogs are on the screen as previously the log windows could not be moved out of the way (or closed).

Software Version :
Publication Date : 23rd April 2014
1. Added a highlight of the selected clip being played.
2. Added import and export tags in either XLS or CSV format.
3. Added a text box on the video window to show event details.
4. Added the ability to select group headers rather than have to expand first.
5. When playing clips, hidden selection (i.e. in groups) are made visible and highlighted.
6. Allowed editing of selections while clips being played (previously stopped clip replay).
7. Added colour coding to the rows to make it easier to distinguish each row.
8. Added a "Player Total" column to the Summary View.
9. Added a “Full Screen” mode for Video and Timeline replay.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 14th April 2014
1. Added an SQL form to allow for remote manipulation of the DB.
2. Changed MDI tabs to show close button on each tab.
3. Updated "Play Selected" to use DirectShow events instead of a timer (i.e. more reliable).
4. Created a "default" folder for video files (My Documents\StatsManager\Videos) so it is easier to move to a new machine.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 1st April 2014
1. Added Play Video option to play any video on the system.
2. Disabled Capture command as modern videos do not need it.
3. Added +10,+5...etc commands to video players to help in replay.
4. Added already defined events to "Tag Window" listbox.

Software Version :
Publication Date : 30th March 2014
1. First Release of Version 2